01 Dec 2019 06:47 AM
By: Astutx_Bxast

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Not Able to watch movies I purchased

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Playstation has never done me wrong until today!!!!!! I rented toy story and purchased two other movies and every time I press play it doesn't allow me to watch. I just don't see why I'm able to pay Playstation money but can't get back what I paid for. This is really starting to agitate me 

  • If you bought it you should be able to stream it fine on the Playstation. Do an internet speed check and make sure you are still getting decent speeds. Reset the console and your modem. Once this is done do a quick set up of your Playsation internet again through settings > network. If you're watching from your PC it's likely a Flash issue. Considering Google stopped supporting flash and started blocking downloads it's better to try internet explorer. Download latest Flash and it should work. If not stick with Playstation.
  • crdoc

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    Mine states that the movie licenses are unavaliable.