23 Nov 2019 04:36 PM
By: McTurtleSoup

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Tv show only playing background audio

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I bought an episode of law and order the other day and when I went to watch it I was only hearing background noise/music. It gave me the classic "dun dun" but not the "in the criminal justice system..." speech. I could see what was going on and could hear any background music fine. I just have no idea what anyone is saying because there are no subtitles and I can't read lips. Just wondering if there is anything I could do on my end to either fix this, or get around it. I don't know if subtitles for this show exist or even how to turn them on, but something would be better than nothing. Or is this just an issue with the video file being sold and have to wait for the file itself to be fixed? The audio in the trailer on the store page seems to be fine, but when I play it through my videos it's messed up.

It was Law and Order SVU Season 9 episode 15 "undercover" if that means anything to anyone.