13 Dec 2017

Why can't i redownload a purchased movie that was deleted

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Was plannig on making some space, and to delete some 3D movies i have purchased, but it warned before doiung so, that if i go trough with it, i will not be bale to redownload it again EVER, WTH? WHY NOT???

  • Well, anyon has a clue as to why or....?

    Because this is plain BS!!!

  • That's why I buy DVDs and blue ray movies to watch on ps4
  • There are lots of websites that support PS like Crackle, Tubi, and crackle. You can also check this movie article for some extra movies if PS bothers you too much.
  • Dan_OMara (PlayStation Support)

    Hi cyber2speed,


    Video downloads are supported on Android and iOS mobile devices.

    For all other devices you will only be able to stream the content.




    Dan O'Mara