12 Feb 2020 12:29 PM
By: EZ_Kill_4U

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Bought a movie on the playtstation store and it won't play

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Bought Frozen 2 yesterday. Every time i attempt to play it it tells me there is a network issue. I'm connected fine to the internet. 

  • kisuma1 (Support MVP)

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    Are you currently outside of the US? The the reason I ask is because video content is region restricted, and will not work if you are outside of your account region. This is one potential reason for receiving network errors.
  • Yeah, I do currently live outside of the US. So if I can't watch it, is there a way I can get a refund? I have tried getting in touch with customer support and haven't been able to.
  • Im also currently in Sydney studying. Why dont playstatiom put a note that if customers are outside US it wont work. Im sondisappointed. I dont know how to claim a refund since i dont know whats psn US intl code num. And no live char
  • Im from Canada and am currently in the US for the winter.  Does that mean I cant rent movies as well?