03 Aug 2019 03:49 AM
By: besserthanu92

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Purchased "Avenegers: End Game".

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So here is my dilema, recently I purchased "Avengers: End Game", which I am sure that many of you have done the same as well. Where my problem with this is, is that everytime I try to play it, my PS4 reports to me that I have "Network Error". Ain't that some SH@%. My network is spotless, and my router is configured to let d@$n near anything go through it. I would like to know the cause of this; eben potentially be told the fix to it. If not, I would like PS4 Support to let me know what is going on, or possiby give me my refund. Thank you ---Besserthanu92

  • Swyco80

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    I got different issue, but got a red sign saying, "You have arleady submitted your post, please wait to submit again." when I tried to create a thread for the first time.

    I purchased Avengers Endgame, and was watching it with Cloesd Captions. When during the scene where they are fighting in Japan and speaking Japanese, no subtitles like when I watched this movie in th movie theater or any from Closed Captions. Once the actors started speaking in english, Closed Captions continued with their subtitles. I heard it was the same for any video purchased from PSN, and sure enough, any video I have with a foreign language, even fictional language like the Dark Elves in Thor: Ragnarok or Elven language in any of the Lord of the Rings series, do not have any subtitles so that the viewer can understand what is being said. This is a standard for any physical purchased video, so why is it missing from all digital copies sold by PSN. If the issue isn't resolved then I demand a refund on all my purchased videos.

  • I'm receiving the same exacty issue of "Network Unaivalble". I too would like to know a solution or have a refund.