28 Jan 2016 10:29 PM

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Why won't the movie I purchased play?

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I purchased spectre, watched half the other night no problem, now it won't play on three different devices.  Said licensing issue, then connection problems?? I watched the other movies I own, no problem, I want to finish my movie!  Any help?

  • I am having this problem rn a couple of years back I had bought adventure time: islands before it came out then I tried to get a refund Sony said they couldn't do it because I'd have to make a claim and what not but i know I paid for it but it says I rented it and anytime I try to watch it my PlayStation loads for a second and goes right back to the home screen?? What's up with that??
  • I purchased The Darkest Minds on my ps4 awhile back but when I tried to watch on my ps3 just now (same playstation account) it doesn't show up in my purchases. My other movies do, but not that one.
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