02 Oct 2016 11:25 AM
By: Lynn0988

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Network unavailable error

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PLEASE HELP! I just rented a movie yesterday and still can't watch it now. I only have a few hours left. I really like PlayStation Video's and would appreciate it if this problem can be fixed. I would like to keep this account and not have to close it due to technical issues on their end.


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  • Erwolff

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    I have recently moved from the US to Japan for work and purchased Avengers Endgame. However, when I tried to watch I keep getting the same error that network is unavailable. Realizing this may be a region issue, I want to know if there is anyway to get access to this movie or get it refunded. When I've tried getting into the chat feature with support, I keep getting "banned" and wonder if this is also a region thing as I'm trying to contact US (English) support from Japan? No clue. I just want to get access to the movie or a refund. Can anyone please help?
  • Hello, please I need urgent help as I am experiencing the same network unavailable pop up msg. And I just bought Batman: Hush on my PS4. Please how can I get this fixed ?
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