29 Oct 2019 10:34 PM
By: Gulag_Bear

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"can`t adjust playstation camera " issue

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I tried wiping, I tried adjust ligthting, I tried everything on the PS official troubleshooting page and it is still not working. I tried reset the thing to factory setting and wired it according to instruction. The camera has red light on it and it is able to do facial recognition. When I plug it into my PS4 SLIM and tried to to the set up for VR, here is where it got troubles. It stuck at the step where it takes three picture of the user and gives the error "cant adjust play station camera". I took it to another room with a clear white wall, still the same problem. I went on reddit and find this to be a very common problem when you buy PSVR. How could I fix this issue or should I simply return it?

  • I, have the same problem.

    The camera that I'm using was taken from bundel with VR. I start thinking that the camera can not work separetely without VR.

    Any body, any idea? Support?