29 Nov 2019 12:37 AM
By: leviticusthejew

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Concrete Genie & Ace Combat 7 dlc 6

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Starting off, Concrete Genie is not a VR game. Its as much a VR game as Apex Legends and any other PS game in the sense that you see it on a huge screen. Not actually VR. It has one little mode for VR which is worthless and lasts a few minutes. The game is a lie. 

Let's go on to Ace Combat 7 DLC 6 which is listed in the VR store. It has no VR in this DLC. It adds no VR missions at all. Nothing about it is VR. The base game of Ace Combat 7 has VR and it's amazing. The DLC does not... But is listed in the VR section... 


Please provide a refund. Neither of the games I've listed here are accurately described. To say that either one of these is a VR title is absurd.