16 Apr 2019 11:10 PM
By: Boudro__

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Hustle kings vr doesn’t work

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sony wont support it or refund your money. Black screen, nothing works. I feel completely violated with this ‘purchase’.


it would be different if it was just a bad game. It just doesn’t work.

  • Q-c007

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    yes, same with 'Pirate of the seven seas' and now with 'Project Lux', don't get caught with those 2 titles...  I find their lack of support on this very stupid.  Steam on pc has already refund me 2 games i had problem with and no trouble at all.  All it took was a simple e-mail and 3 days of waiting while they study your case and Voila!.  Playstation store seem very obscure how to submit a problem and refund you.

    If i understand correctly the playstation store, you just have to create a splash screen of a game for Sony to be unalble to see the difference between a game that work and one who doesn't.  Great way to make cash!...  Seem to me those games are scams.

  • kisuma1 (Support MVP)

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    Valve isn't Sony, nor do they have to operate exactly the same. If there is an issue with a game(s) try reaching out to the developer.