20 Jan 2019 10:43 AM
By: HotPiesBastrd

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PSVR headset not working

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I'm not sure whats wrong with my headset. When I press the on button, the headset lights up as usual, but the TV screen goes black and when I put on the headset I can't see anything. But as soon as I turn of the psvr headset, the playstation pops back up on the tv. I'm not sure if its the headset or the processing unit thats the issue. Thanks for assistance.


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    I’m having the same problem but sometimes my tv screen acts like it’s the headset or the headset will have no picture but work on tv But either way let’s hope they can tell us why it’s not working and how to fix it
  • I’m having the same problem as the other guy the tv acts like the VR is working but when I put on the VR it shows a black screen 
  • I also have issues with my headset going black over and over even if I adjust the lighting. The TV screen is usually just fine but my headset blacks out about every 2 to 3 seconds and sometimes permanently.
  • Was anyone able to get theirs fixed?

    Our VR was fine yesterday. Turn it on today and there is no picture inside the VR. All the lights are on and the picture is tracking on the tv but no picture in headet.


    Any help is appreciated!