13 Oct 2019 03:07 AM
By: mgh904

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PSVR Move controller - PLEASE HELP

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I'm having a seemingly unique problem. After browsing forums all over, I can't find someone having the same exact issue as me. I bought Blood and Truth, got in the game, and my left hand wasn't moving at all. Not even a flinch. It was suspended a few feet in front of me. I thought the game was screwed up. Rebooted a few times, then tried Beat Sabre, and, same problem. BUT, I think I've ruled out the controllers as the issue. You see, when I disconnect the controllers and reconnect them in reverse order, the controller that previously wasn't working will switch to the main hand, and works perfectly, and then the other controller that was originally fine is now frozen. I've done reboots of the games, the console, resetting the controllers, and most recently formatted my entire PS4 just to be super thorough. The problem obviously persists. I just can't seem to locate where the problem is coming from. Is it just my old ps4 breaking down? The camera messing up? One thing I've noticed too, if I open the quick menu when in game by holding the PS button, the menus is extremely sluggish. I can only move one option up or down at a time instead of the normally fluid swipes through the menu like normal. This wasn't happening before this issue came up. I've tried it in complete darkness, and dim lighting. It isn't as if the controller is drifting, its just suspended there in mid air. In beat sabre, I can't move the off hand at all, but the gyro is still working allowing me to rotate it around. The lights on each controller no matter what game I play are always red and pink, and I'm not 100% certain but it seems to be the red light that doesn't work. If I had to guess, I'd say the camera is maybe damaged. There are no signs of it though, and the picture from the camera is fine. I can see clearly, and in the inverted lighting cam for VR when you are setting it up, I can see all the lights just find and distinguish their different colors. Any ideas?

  • mgh904

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    Small update. Every game I have tested is having this same problem, except Job Simulator. Somehow that game is working flawlessly. None of this makes sense. I think my PS4 is busted.