08 Mar 2019 09:17 AM
By: kallenavn007

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Skyrim VR opening sequence glitch makes game unplayable (PSVR)

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Hi. I bought skyrim VR for PSVR a couple days ago, and downloaded it now. But when I start the game, everything goes black until I press the start button. Then the opening sequence begins, with the people in the wagon on the way to Helgen. This part I can actually see. When the wagon stops, and my character steps out of the wagon, the screen goes black for a minute or so, but the sound is still there. The same happenes after I make my character and am on my way to the chopping block. The whole Alduin sequence goes black, and I can't progress further than that point. I have tried deleting the game and installing it again, but the glitch is still there. Does anyone know what to do to fix it?

  • Box9Missingo (Support MVP)

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    Hi kallenavn007,


    Have you run into other VR games with this issue?


    I just came across something you can try to see if it helps any.


    This problem is caused by one of two things, either a problem with a connection, or the camera having issues seeing the lights on the helmet.


    The first thing that you want to do is double check to make sure that the camera can properly see all the lights on your PlayStation VR helmet. Ensure that you're a decent distance away from the camera, that any lights are dimmed, and that you've turned off any other LCD screens that the camera might be able to see. If you've just purchased your PlayStation VR be sure that you pull the stickers on the side of the helmet off before you play, as this can cause the issue for some people.


    If everything looks good to go with the helmet, then you will need to check the connections of your cables. Be sure to completely turn off your PlayStation 4 console before checking any wires. PlayStation VR has a fair few cables that allow you to play, so you'll want to ensure that everything is snugly attached. The best way to go about this is by checking each wire. If everything feels fine, then you may want to unplug and then replug everything in.


    At this point you should be good to go, without any random blackouts while enjoying your time in VR.


    Step by Step instructions


    1. Check that the PlayStation Camera can properly see all lights on your VR helmet
    2. Ensure there are no other bright lights, LCD screens, or stickers that will block or obscure the helmet lights from the camera.
    3. Turn off your PlayStation 4 console
    4. Double check that all cords are firmly plugged in




    Found something similar to your issue here: