27 Dec 2019 09:28 PM
By: mikekvia

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Dog ate my VR

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My puppy decided she wanted to see what the cables tasted like, The cables that go from the little box to the headset. Is there a way to get those cables replaced? Do I have to purchase a new headset? I have looked all over and can't find anything telling me if just the cables to the headset can be replaced?

Please help


  • I have the same problem, did you get any response?
  • otlguy

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    Same here. Looking to get it fixed or replaced without buying the whole thing again, Can They replace the headset?


  • kisuma1 (Support MVP)

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    Replacement parts are not sold, so the headset/cables would probably need to be sent in for replacement. A repair/replacement can be set up by contacting customer service.