27 Nov 2019 06:14 AM
By: marrtan

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Playstation VR 3D video playback without Littlstar

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I heard lots of rumors of possible updates but being the end of 2019 I coundn't find any realistic solution yet.

Does anyone knows how to play side by side content in 3D without the ridiculous subscription to the Littlestar Player? 

I'd pay for Littlestar but the subscription model for one simple task is a joke.

Many people are expecting that some update on Playstation's Media Player can play 3D side by side content, but I don't know why Sony doesn't release that upgrade to the player yet.  The hardware is totaly capable to do that.

I mean we're talking about SONY not just a bunch of dudes trying to figure it out how to do that. The technology is already in their hands for sure.

At least one simple explanation like "guys we're not releasing that because we are preserving it for Playstation 5" would be ok. But the silence about it is what is making many people go for other alternatives like Oculus.


  • kisuma1 (Support MVP)

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    There's silence because no one knows that information, nor does Sony have an official presence on the forums.


    Any plans for new features or updates to the console will be posted about on the Playstation blog.