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02 Dec 2019 08:01 PM
By: rdrtmr

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"Looks like you don't have a Playstation Vue subscription"?

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"Looks like you don't have a Playstation Vue subscription.  Sign up or update your Playstation Vue subscription."

What is wrong with my account?

  • The_Tech_T-REX (PlayStation Support)

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    Here to help!  In order to better assist you with this particular issue, we recommend you contact us directly through live Customer Support. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • I am getting this as well. We were wathcing and then got the discontinuing service banner with a sign in button. After trying to sign in with the proper credentials I got the above thread message
  • @grau3maus3r Hello there! Please reach out to us through customer support for better assistance. ​