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02 Jan 2020 08:58 AM

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Future Live TV apps for PS4.

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SONY needs to answer the biggest question that Vue subscribers have now on the eve of Vue's demise.  

Will apps for other live TV services be available on the PS4, and if so, WHEN?  

SONY, answer this question right now!  Don't make us run out and buy Roku boxes, or heaven forbid, XBoxes just to replace Vue.

You have all of our email addresses and can send mail via PSN, so there is no excuse for not communicating.

  • They do need to do a better job of communicating on what apps will be available after Vue shuts down.  I'm going to Sling.  I can access that via my AppleTV box and my ChannelMaster box so I guess it doesn't really matter to me whether or not Sony allows for Sling on Playstation.
  • Yes i need live tv and you took it away

    That's not fair you don't even allow hulu or sling or even YouTube 

    You say get YouTube live tv but you're not compatible

    It's big time b s


  • kisuma1 (Support MVP)

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    @vernonvern51, watch the shorthand foul language, such language is prohibited here.



    Aside from a handful of support members, Sony/PlayStation doesn't have an official presence on the forums. Any announcements for new content or services will be posted over on the PlayStation Blog.

  • They literally told me to switch to youtube tv but can't watch on ps4 - this has to change.  I called and asked about the app coming and they tried to give me some bs about a lot of vue subscribers not even having a console.  Can't be more than 5%!  They've had months to prepare for this. We need new live tv apps now!  Especially youtube tv if you are going to endorse it!
  • @kisuma1 .... yeah yeah yeah .. i heard the same thing once the announcement of Vue ending was made back at the end of october.... it's been 2 1/2 months and under 15 days until the final day.... the blog has had ZERO info. i understand the support of this forum board but don't be some SONY suck up and tell us LOYAL users who are left in the dark for live TV to check the blog.

    Sony needs to make a damn decision on allowing Hulu & YTTV access so users can sign up.

    i have a PS4 ...i don't have other devices. i cut the cord, i am looking to save money which is why i had internet and PS vue. now i am looking at having to buy a firestick and get a subscription to Hulu or YTTV. of course the PS vue subscription money would supplement right to the next streaming service. but on top of that i need to but a firestick (or Roku) to have access.

    Please .....Please don't make us LOYAL users out to be the bad guy in this entire debacle. Sony October should have expedited a way to have those Apps set up and ready to be available in the PS Store for use, no later than the end of november. i've spent 2+ months looking, reviewing, comparing, debating, asking friends and co-workers their thoughts on what they may have or use. Hell i even read every PS Vue thread on here to see what others were looking at, suggesting, going to or planning on doing. 

    your reply to Venom really struck a nerve with me- don't belittle us because of language, we are mad as F*** because of the Vue service dying. we liked it, wanted it, some users on these forums LOVED it. i love it, i like the unlimited DVR capabilities. was there some channels that i didn't have? sure but it wasn't a deal breaker- i chose Vue as a loyal PS user since Sept 9 1995 and they chose to take our money year after year and then walk away and turn the cold shoulder to the Loyalists.... the people who supported them since day freaking 1. 

    now if you can, please, without feeding me a "company" line, show me any info on the blog relating to an alternative to PS Vue capabilites on the PS4 - not another device. ....the PS4!

    thank you 

    @vernonvern - looks like i am HAVING to spend the money on a device to get live TV. $35 on firestick and $15 on ethernet adpater- then i can get Hulu Live. 

    @adey80 - i look every few days to see if YTTV or HULU update their device list.....every option under the sun ....except PS4 = infuriating. 

    BTW ESPN was shilling their TV service for users who are out of luck with Vue shutdown.... espn is useless but they know the deal and are doing their due diligence to get subscribers. too bad Sony can figure it out 

  • bdeakes

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    After subscribing to YouTube TV, and immediately cancelling it because it isn't supported and they have no plans to support it on Playstation. Am super ****** at Playstation for recommending a service that can't be used on the platform. I have always been against XBox, but now, I am almost ready to throw every Sony product I own in the dump. Been loyal to Playstation since their beginning, but alliance's change when the loyalty is one sided.
  • This is very frustrating.  I am really shocked that Sony is letting this month run out and not telling us if they are going to allow any other live TV services to be supported.  It was my understanding that they didn't allow any others only because they had the Vue.  We purchased our PS4 to support the Vue just before the announcement they were dropping the service.
  • Demanding an answer wont help you in the slightest, but let me lay out some facts for you.


    1. PlayStation Vue really has very little to do with the actual PlayStation System, and was more than likely never intended to be used soley on the PS4. If anything this was a brillant marketing plan by SONY as the PlayStation system already had a huge name and was very popular. What's better to release a new product idea (Because PS Vue was the FIRST live streaming TV service) to the plublic than using their already super popular system logo and name?
    2. PS4 users make up less than 15% of all Vue users. I assure you the majority of PS Vue users were: 1) Roku 2) Fire Stick 3) Apple TV 4) PS4 5) Mobile Devices and Web Browser 6) Chrome Cast in that order. 
    3. Sony provided every consumer that maintained an active subscription the last month free based on your billing date. This is a 40-85$ value depending on your package and add on content. The cheapest Roku/Fire device cost only $29.99 meaning you still come out with a profit. If this was chosen not to be taken advantage of... Not Sony's fault. 
    4. The PS4 is a GAMING system. Not a home entertainment system. The fact that it has Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, Amazon Prime, and other applications is welcome addition. You need to rething a few things if you are going to get mad over the PS4 being what it was designed to be (a Gaming System)
    5. If you purchased a $200 GAMING System only for Vue, then that was your mistake and it would be a mistake just to buy a $200 Xbox for the same reason. 


    There will more than likely not being anymore streaming applications on the PS4, due to it being a Gaming Console. I apologize for those of you who though this and hope you have a wonderful rest of your day.