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02 Dec 2019 08:23 PM
By: cindyserigny

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I really enjoy the psvue. So sorry to see it end I wish it wouldn't

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Are there any recommendations on another streaming site with local stations

  • I switched to YouTube TV and have found it to be very similiar.  I only lost a few channels and receive the four major locals and tons of sports.  There are a few things that PSVue had that YTTV

    doesn't have but I have learned to deal with it.  I pay $53.36 tax and all a month versus $70.34 for the Elite on PSVue.  I watch over 60% of my brodcast programs on my Hulu subscription with no

    commericals.  I am able to FF on most of the other programs I DVR on YTTV.  Once you learn to navigate around on YTTV it is a pretty enjoyable experience.

    You will read about a lot of problems on YTTV as was the case on PSVue also.  I have experienced few of the problems that have been posted on both systems.  I have five Roku based TVs(4 Sharp-1 Insignia-Also 3 Firesticks for backup) and sometimes wonder if the TV brand has a lot to do with most of the problems.


    PS-I had noticed that I could finally FF CBS shows and wondered about this.  Got an email from YTTV today and FF CBS and several shows, not available before, was now possible on DVR shows.  Yeah