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24 Nov 2019 03:57 PM
By: Kusho5074

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Now that PS Vue is shutting down Jan 31, 2020 will they allow others t

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Okay now that PS Vue is shutting down Jan 31, 2020 will they allow the others to stream on the Playstation?  I mean they can't play the we can't allow competition card anymore.  I use PSVue, Netflix, CBS All access, Disney+ and Prime video all on my playstation.  It is what I use for my TV.  I will get a Firestick if I have to but I don't understand why Sony wouldn't allow Hulu Live or Youtube Live to hae PS4 apps now that PSVue is dead.

  • Hmmm.  Let's go through a few items;  first, Sony outsourced the programming services to a company owned/run by one of their biggest competitors.  Second, they outsourced their services (not just psvue) to a transmission and hosting service that also is run by one of their biggest competitors.  Third, they let those outsourced companies run the #1 streaming box, the one with 55% of the worlds users, get run into the ground so bad that it's users fled their service in droves causing it to, in essence, declare bankruptcy and go out of business.


    Now, do you think with the extremely thin market share they have in using a gaming console for a streaming console, up against 95+% of a market?  And who will they outsource that to...?  Really.

  • They don't have to outsource anything.  They just have to let other companies launch an app on their system...  Allowing for those companies to use their hardware and instantly get access to those customers.  Both Hulu Live and Youtube Live  have XBox One apps and I'm sure they would ahve PS4 apps if allowed too.
  • I agree. One of the reasons I subscribe is because I have 2 consoles on 2 TV’s where I could watch. When PSVue goes away Sony should allow other TV streaming services install apps for the consoles or my next purchase may be Xbox systems.
  • Same thought here,  Sony is screwing new with live tv by discontinuing vue ... but not allowing other "live tv" streaming services access thru the PS4. Those companies are no longer your competition when you weakly bow out of the streaming tv battle. Now you should allow your loyal customers the option to get their live tv elsewhere