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13 Aug 2019 01:04 PM
By: joe_depo059

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On Demand Playback Ends Abruptley

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Having an issue with Paystation Vue On Demand Playback. When watching an On Demand show, it ends abruptley after about 20% through the content. Restart, starts from the begining, then does it again.

Anybody experiencing this? This is a subscription ending feature since the wife likes watching her soaps.

  • Here to help! 

    • What device is this happening on? 
    • Is it happening on more then one device? 
    • Do you only see it on specific programs or all On Demand programs?
    • Has the issue been seen on live or DVR content as well? 

    We look forward from hearing back from you!

  • This is happening on an Amazon Firestick 4k. Have not tried it on another device. So far only on On Demand content.

  • Still doing it. ABC App seems to work without issue. And allows fast forword.

    Really questioning why I have the streaming service. Support is less than par as well.