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01 Dec 2019 04:33 PM
By: sfultonjr

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Other cable streaming now Vue is gone

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Are you going to allow us to stream other companies like Xfinity on our playstations so we can do everything on our console like with Vue.

  • I would love to know this answer as well. With vue discontinued and Sony blocking apps like HULU live & YouTube live tv from being available on their platform due to being a direct competitor to vue... is Sony now going to allow these apps?  Because Sony is screwing me by discontinuing vue & not allowing a viable option via the ps4! I cut the cord,  so I'm not getting cable tv, I don't have or want a fire stick, I already have the PS4 to run plenty of apps,  Disney, HBO, wwe, hulu,  prime.. I'm not buying another device.  Sony should be answering these questions for their loyal customers.  I want to transition to hulu w live tv but it's not available on ps4. 

    C'mon Sony get this organized before the jan 2020 death of Vue