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12 Aug 2019 11:26 AM
By: Kellagram231

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Ps vue

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Ordered ps vue on Saturday but can't get it to work on either tv

  • Here to assist. 

    • What devices are you trying to access VUE on?
    • What is preventing you from using VUE on those devices?
    • Have you been able to use VUE on any other devices?

    We look forward to hear back from you.

  • Just started vue. It will not load on my ps4 comes to a blue screen with PlayStation vue on it the tells me there was a problem running the application. It has updated but won’t let me use the vue
  • SuperTechTastic (PlayStation Support)

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    Here to help! @badboysmurf93 We have sent ​you a Private Message with further instructions. We look forward to hearing from you!​
    Click Here
  • 2 hrs and still can’t get help to get vue working don’t know if I’ll be paying for this