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22 Apr 2019 10:09 PM
By: Dachay2tnr

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What’s With The Buffering??

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i watched very little live TV.  Almost everything I watch is from the Vue DVR.  The exception is sports, particularly the Yankees.  So now that baseball season has started, I am watching a good deal of live TV on the YES channel.  And suddenly I am experiencing an inordinate amount of buffering.  The picture and sound go out, and I get a blue screen with the title of the show and a square made up of 5 bars in the middle of the screen.  It will go away, on its own, anywhere from a second or two, up to a minute or two.

It also happened tonight during Wheel of Fortune - also during a live broadcast.  It doesn’t seem to occur with DVR recordings.


FWIW, I am watching on a Roku Streaming Stick+.  I have 100 mbps internet service, and in fact I tested the speed last night.  I had an occurance of this buffering issue WHILE I was doing the speed test, which reported an actual dowload speed of 113 mbps.


This needs to get fixed, or I will have to find a different service.  

  • Watermailman (PlayStation Support)

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    Hello there! We would be happy to assist you with this issue. Normally, video playback issues are related to the ineternet download speed that your streaming device is receiving. We recomend you use an ethernet cable to connect to your network directly. For more information on how to get this issue resolved, please click here to visit this article regarding video quality issues. We hope this information is useful. Thank you! 
  • :rolleyes:


    Did you happen to actually read my post?  I said the buffering even occurred WHILE I was testing my internet speed.  The speed test reported download speeds of 113 mbps.  The test was performed on my iPad using the same wifi network that my Roku uses.


    Typically when I get buffering, one of the first things I do is check my dowload speed.  It is always above 100 mbps, which is the speed I am contracted to get.


    Also the Roku Streaming Stick+ does not have an ethernet port.

  • These little 'stick' roku's (and others of the same design) are notorious for their wifi performance, due to small antennas and lack of the user's capability to move them the few inches or feet to optimize reception (unless you like moving your TV set around).  Having a standard box style off an hdmi cord gives one a lot more flexibility in optimizing reception (in addition to being able to be attached directly to ones ethernet). 


    You can/should run a speed test from the device itself, vudu has about the best tester built in, roku's had one years ago but the programmers took it out for some unknown reason.  You should also note what the roku is reporting (good/poor), although the vudu tester will provide a more granular performance scale.


    But, if you have multiple roku's tuned to the same 'station', you'll find that while one box is buffering another isn't at the same time, which points NOT to your isp or the public internet being the problem, but the company providing the content distribution for psvue.  


  • JZTimm

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    I am trying to watch live Manchester United match live on NBC Sports. I am getting constant buffering both on Windows 10 Edge browser and Amazon Fire TV. I have 200mbps internet service. Netflix, Prime, and YouTube are all running just fine. I am test watching a DVR show in Vue and it is okay as well. LIVE tv is the problem. 
  • Daumd1

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    We are new to VUE and it worked perfectly for 2 weeks. The last few days the buffering has made it unwatchable. This is only an issue with VUE. All of the other apps on our firestick run with no issues. It happens during DVR playback and live tv.  We have reset the app. We were trying to watch an NHL playoff game and it was awful. Maybe ditching cable was a mistake.
  • Roku says it is getting 62 mbps.  Two tests on the Netflix app on Roku says I’m at 68 - 69 mbps.


    Of course I can’t run either of these tests “while” Vue is buffering, since I have to exit Vue to do these tests, so I’m not sure exactly what this is telling me.  But whether it’s 62, 69, or 113 mbps, it should certainly be enough to watch Vue without any buffering.

  • You can, but this blog s/w is so buggy it keeps deleting my responce.


    13th try

  • So now along with the buffering/freezing I am getting pixelization.  This is happening on both live TV AND Dvr recordings.

    My month comes up for renewal next week, and I’ll likely be gone if this continues.  Shame, as I’ve been a Vue customer for something close to 3 years.

  • Tech_in_a_Mech (PlayStation Support)

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    Happy to help! Here are some things to try to get you back to enjoying your favorite shows and channels.

    1. Move Your Set-Top Box Closer to Your Internet Router

    Applies to wireless connected devices such as Roku®, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, Apple TV®, Android TV, PS4™ and PS3™.

    • Move your wireless device closer to the router, preferably within a few feet and in open space.

    • Ensure the router is off the floor and in an upright position.

    • Ensure the router is away from walls or large furniture that could reduce Wi-Fi signal strength.

    2. Restart Your Set-Top Box

    Step 1: Restart your set-top box.
    Step 2: Once restarted, access PS Vue and see if that fixed your problem.

    3. Disconnect All Other Wireless Devices and Pause Downloads

    If other family members or devices access your home Wi-Fi network at the same time, it may slow Vue streaming performance.

    Step 1: Completely turn off or disconnect all other Wi-Fi devices using the router to ensure nothing else is taking bandwidth.
    Step 2: Access PS Vue and see if that fixed your problem.

    4. Connect Your Set-Top Box to Your Internet Router Using an Ethernet Cable

    Try connecting your set top box to your router using an ethernet cable if your wireless connection is still weak.

  • Ok, we’ll play this game.  


    Roku Streaming Stick+ is about 18” away from my router.  Can’t really get it any closer than that.  It has no ethernet port.  WiFi is the only way to get signal.  WiFi speed as tested by the Roku device itself is 63 mbps.  Secondary test using Netflix app on the same Roku reports 74 mbps.


    I live alone.  No one else is on network while watching Vue.


    Roku has been rebooted.  No change.