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23 Dec 2019 09:52 AM
By: Chonch1224

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Will YouTube TV get an app since they are pushing it in the email?

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Since Vue is shutting down and they are currently pushing YouTube TV (even with a link in the email) will they have an app soon? I really hope so

  • An app for what???  Once again, for the bazillionth time, no idea what (if any) platform you are taling about.  YTTV has had an android app and roku app since around the day they started.  So again, you must (?) be referring to some other unknown (?) platform.  Certainly you can't be talking about the Playstation console since Sony has spent the last x years telling anyone who will listen that Playstation Vue has little if anything to do with the Playstion console, and they have done zero to make that console work with other live streaming services.
  • Chonch1224 means a YTV app on the PS4 system, don't know the answer but i sure hope they do.
  • I have been wondering this exact thing.  The only reason they didn't already have an app was because Sony did not want competition for PSVue.  So now that PSVue is ending I don't understand why they wouldn't allow other streaming providers to have apps of their own.  Both Hulu live and Youtube live have apps on the XBox1.  So why not apps on the PS4 or PS5 for that matter.  I bought a Amazon Firestick just incase they still refuse to let the other providers have apps of their own, but I would rather use my PS4 than the Firestick.
  • @Bubu ...wake up! an app on the PS4. 

    not everyone uses other devices, i am a gamer and use my PS4 for netflix,disney,hbo, youtube and others and gaming

    why would i buy another device when PS offers the apps.... except the live tv ones that WERE a rival to Vue.

    Vue is dead why do they not do WHATEVER needs to be done to provide their Vue users ( via PS4 )to have an altenative.


  • More than likely no. This would be for a few reasons, but first and foremost is that the PS4 is a GAMING console and not an home entertaiment system. Even thought the service provided was called PS Vue, it was never intended to simply be for the PS4. In fact, out of all the people I know the PS4 is the least common device for it to be used on as it is just Live streaming TV. Most common is the Roku and Amazon Fire, as most people wouldn't buy a $200 Gaming console just for live TV. Sony also provided the last month of Vue for free which for most people is a $40-$85 value in which you could of used that to purchase an actuall device that was meant for streaming TV. 


    Sorry for being the bringer of bad news, but a new streaming application will more than likely never come to the PS4. In any case feel free to prove me wrong Sony. :)

  • Just downloaded the Youtube TV app for PS4.  They did it.  I haven't signd up for YoutubeTV yet, so I can't test the app.  I was waiting for Jan31.  And I bought a Firestick just to make sure I had TV when PSVUE shut down, but the firestick was cheap so I don't mind having a backup.  Its come in handy for Prime Video which sometimes doesnt work on PS4.  Anyway everyone Youtube TV now has an app on the PS4