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04 Jan 2019 04:11 PM
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[INFO] How to Report PlayStation Vue Technical Issues (Start Here!)

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Experiencing a technical issue with PlayStation Vue? If you haven’t checked already, there are a large number of support articles covering the most common PlayStation Vue issues in the article below:

Still having trouble? Post your problem with as many details as possible. The more information you include the easier it will be to troubleshoot.


Can you describe the issue in detail?


What is the Zip Code you're accessing Vue from?


How often is the issue occurring? (everytime, frequently, rarely, etc.) 


What type of device(s) and model(s) are you having the issue on? (PS4 Pro, PS3 Slim, Roku Ultra, etc.)


What version of the PS Vue App are you running?


Are you seeing any issues with specific show content? (Missing episodes, incomplete streams, etc.)

If so, can you provide us with the following details?

  • Channel:
  • Show Title:
  • Season/Episode:
  • Live/DVR/Catchup/OnDemand:
  • Date/Time of Airing: