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13 Aug 2019 08:05 AM
By: tgjohnson10

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Constant black screen buffering - getting worse everyday!

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PS Vue has the same dumb response to eveyone who has BLACK SCREEN buffering issues - ah.....that would be everyone using PS Vue.  No!  Your stupid response form the tech people does not help!!!  I'm running cable internet service with uptime at nearly 100% with 400 mbs speed.  Brand new state of the art router (thrid try) and I have 4 Roku sticks that range from 5 feet to 30 feet from the router so they all have EXCELLENT signal and yet I experience buffering on a regular basis on all sticks.  Averaging 5-10 times per hour.  The more popular the networks are the worst for live TV and I have no problems with any other service or DVR content with buffering. This is definiitely a problem with the PS Vue servers and SONY refuses to admit it or do anything about it.  It will only get worse as they gain subscribers. Garbage!  Time to reinstall the cord.