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26 Nov 2019 06:33 PM
By: bierman57

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loading_stream_url error message

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what is resolution to this error popping up ?

  • Watermailman (PlayStation Support)

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    Hello there! Thank you for reaching out to us for assistance with this error message. We have a couple of questions to better assist you with getting this issue resolved. 


    • What device are you using?
    • Does this issue occur with other devices? 
    • Do you continue to experience issues after uninstalling the PS Vue app and installing it back in?


    Thank you in advance for the information. We hope to hear from you soon.

  • we have an amazon firestick on both tv. The error pops up and reset the program we are watching constantly.

    We have not uninstall and re install the ps vue app

    How do we do the above? is it done on the tv?

  • Watermailman (PlayStation Support)

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    Hello again! In order to uninstall the PlayStation Vue from the Amazon Fire device, pleaes fallow this process: 

    1. Go to the home page of your Amazon Fire device.
    2. Select Settings on the top right.
    3. Select Applications.
    4. Select Manage Installed Applications
    5. Select PS Vue
    6. Select the option to uninstall the PS Vue app. 

    After you go through that process, you can install the app on the streaming device again. You will be able to do that by searching for the app using the search option on the top left of the screen from the home page. Keep us updated and let us know if that resolves your issue. Thank you!