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11 May 2019 02:21 PM
By: Bhist1876

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Might Have To Cancel PS Vue

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I'm in the middle of the free trial for PS Vue. I use it on a PS3. 

So far, I'm disappointed. It is slow or freezes when using all of its daily functions. Constantly slow when browsing the guide, changing channels, accessing my DVR, and then it freezes almost every time. I have to keep powering off my PS3 in order to break out of the freeze. 

Is this a daily issue with PS Vue? If so, why would anyone want to use this service? Please don't tell me I have a bad Wi-Fi connection because I have upgraded using CenturyLink. 

 I only have three more days with the free trial to figure this out. By the way, the service I would sign up for on PS Vue will cost me $50 a month. Cutting the cord at this rate would only save me $30 a month. I don't think the aggravation from this poor performance of PS Vue is worth saving $30 a month. 



  • You say CenturyLink but don't list the type or (download) speed; most, and I mean 98+% of centurylink/telco copper twisted pair internet is very slow dsl, <5mb/s, except for a handful of fiber areas in big cities like Seattle, which again is extremely limited.  


    So, what us your speed, and what are you using to check it?

  • Thanks Bubba. Speedcheck Pro tests:  download is 13.71mb.  Again, using PS3.
  • BTW: keep getting error messages from PSV that state: "Something is wrong. It's us. Not you." Then, it freezes again, and I have to quit and restart again. Not sure if PSV personal monitor these forums, but if they do and they care about their business, they need to give me some assistance. Right now, my experience the last two days with PSV has been terrible.

    PSV:service a that costs $50 a month. IT SUCKS! WORTHLESS!

  • 13.71mb/s is pretty slim; any other device taking up bits will probably exceed your pipe as psvue needs a minimum of 7Mb/s or so.  But dsl and CenturyLink in particular holds the award for poor service.  I installed lots of their systems in Washington state some 20 years ago, and none if them have been upgraded since.  Do some review of the path from you to akamai (psvue's cdn) and see if there is a choke point out there.  If cl doesn't have a direct link to akamai but instead relies on the public internet, that may be a choke point as well.  

  • Tech_in_a_Mech (PlayStation Support)

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    We are here to assist! PS Vue is reliant on a stable internet connection. If you don't have a stable internet connection, or you don't have enough download bandwidth, you may experience jerky or delayed video quality. You must have at least 10 Mbps download speed to stream PS Vue. Add an additional 5 Mbps for each additional simultaneous streaming user or devices. Here are some things to try to get you back to enjoying your favorite shows and channels.
    1. Move Your Set-Top Box Closer to Your Internet Router
    Applies to wireless connected devices such as Roku®, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, Apple TV®, Android TV, PS4™ and PS3™.

    Move your wireless device closer to the router, preferably within a few feet and in open space.

    Ensure the router is off the floor and in an upright position.

    Ensure the router is away from walls or large furniture that could reduce Wi-Fi signal strength.

    2. Restart Your Set-Top Box
    Step 1: Restart your set-top box.
    Step 2: Once restarted, access PS Vue and see if that fixed your problem.

    3. Disconnect All Other Wireless Devices and Pause Downloads
    If other family members or devices access your home Wi-Fi network at the same time, it may slow Vue streaming performance.

    Step 1: Completely turn off or disconnect all other Wi-Fi devices using the router to ensure nothing else is taking bandwidth.
    Step 2: Access PS Vue and see if that fixed your problem.

    4. Connect Your Set-Top Box to Your Internet Router Using an Ethernet Cable
    Try connecting your set top box to your router using an ethernet cable if your wireless connection is still weak.

  • Thanks Bubba. Well, I performed another test using Speedcheck Pro. This time I got  download 41.66mbps stability of 81%. Upload was 41mbps, stability of 94%. Do I still need to upgrade my CenturyLink service to do better for psvue?

    BTW: I have Netflix and Prime - 4K no less - and they provide flawless performance using the same router and CenturyLink wifi. 

    According to the response from psvue Tech, it looks like I have to do everything the old-fashioned way like hold equipment above my head while my wife changes channels. Read Tech's suggestions on how I try to resolve this, and tell me if it's worth doing all that to save $30 a month. And don't forget, that extra $30 a month gives me 4K service.

    All my components that I use to view 4K on Netflix and prime are on the same shelf as my PS3, while our computers are further away from the same CenturyLink router, yet they connect and perform perfectly.

    I guess I'll come back in a year and see if psvue has figured out how to perform like Netflix and prime. I'm sure glad I tried the psvue free trial because it proves that psvue is not up to the same standards as its competition. I've yet to try Sllng or DirecTVNow, but I will test them. 

    The bottom line is that psvue needs to figure out how to perform like the competition instead of asking customers to pay more money for more bandwidth. The really sad thing for me is we were going to get four additional channels that we currently don't have. 😞

  • Both Netflix and amazon use Amazon AWS as their cdn, so from your ISP to the content delivery network is totally different as psvue uses akamai.   You might (if for nothing else but fun) check if CL has a direct link to either Amazon cdn or akamai as relying in the public internet for video streaming is haphazard at best, but it's possible especially as akamai uses CenturyLink/level3 as their transport vendor.  


    But as you have found, other streaming folks have taken a much more proactive position to making their service work.  You may have noticed that playing back DVR selections may  be much more stable for whatever reason; another service that uses akamai is hulu, and as they are primarily a DVR type provider, they work fairly well, but not hulu live which appears to have lots if the same problems as psvue.  


    I don't know if all these folks simply haven't figured out how to run these live streams, I chose psvue because the channels were what I wanted and the 5 streams were a deal maker as others topped out at 3 and at a premium price, plus the DVR was somewhat exceptional.  So far in my case, it barely works but as no other vendor has those 5 streams, it makes it very hard to drop them and move on, although the DVR is consistantly fouling up.  

  • Thanks again, Bubba. I wasn't aware of the difference, makes sense. I read an article that stated PSV hopes to broadcast 4K sometime in 2019. Do you think their current pipeline can handle that?

    As you, I found PSV has the best channel lineup over the rest. And, their DVR is included in their base price. dtvnow and sling charge $5 optional nfor DVR.

    Thanks again.

  • More than anything, I'm a transmission engineer (copper, microwave, satellite, fiber from citywide to  continent and ocean), and I don't see problems there; the system deeper has the problems.  Encoders, routers, software.  The mix of channels, total usable streams, available channel apps, the DVR capacity, and price point are all good, it's just the failure of parts here and there that is worrisome.  
  • PS3 is probaby the worst device you can use for PS VUE. I am not sure why sony is still supporting it. 

    It is a 13 year old hardware.

    I think even a $30 Roku express will run better than PS3.