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04 Jan 2020 12:14 PM
By: theGoodHoe

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PS Vue last mont free?

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Good afternoon, as we all know PS vue is going away at the end of the month, my subcription renews tomorrow, although  my subcription cost for the next month is $0.00 ? 

is anyone else seeing this? As far as not getting charged for the last month of Vue?


I'd like to keep it for the last month, although of course getting charged for the full amount of the month would be terrbile, but giving it away fro free would be sweet.

Thanks all.

  • The_Tech_T-REX (PlayStation Support)

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    Here to help!  Please click here for more information on how the subscription management will work during the discontinuation of PS Vue.
  • Mine renews on 20th and I just logged in and also saw $0.00 So I was curious too if it ws just free till end of month?
  • As the link that the tech above provided, Vue will be free for those of you that did not cancel your subscription. On your renewal date you will notice the $0.00 charge. This charge would be for the remander of Vue, and will not actually charge you any fees or funds. Enjoy the rest of Vue, those who actually made it.