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22 Dec 2019 06:29 AM
By: Bubu3182

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Sony advises Psvue subscribers move to YouTube TV - Fair Warning!

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Although I have not recieved it, Cord Cutters News is reporting that current PSVue subscribers are being advised to jump on the YoutubeTV service, and supposedly says in that email that 'overwhelmingly' Vue subscribers preferred YTTV over any alternatives.

As I took advantage of the 2 week free trial some 6 weeks ago, I'd like to give fair warning to those with roku streaming boxes that a lot of the abysmal programming that Bamtech (PSVue's outsourced programming people) put in place at PSVue over the last 6+ months, is replicated at YTTV, as they also have the contract there as well.

So, if you are okay with 'global' dvr selections that dissapear without warning (and no way to select a single program), app locking up and unable to use the back button to bring up any way to select another channel (without exiting the app completely and re-entering it), and a host of other wackiness including buffering all day every day, then go for it.  I guess the only good thing is if you subscribe you can back right out and look elsewhere. 


Maybe folks with other hardware will have a different experience, but as Bamtech in my opinion has been the root cause of the failure of PSVue with the almost wholesale exodus of roku users from the service, moving to another provider that uses the same programmers with the same universal problems seems to be really asking for it.  No thanks Sony!

  • Totally agree!  I did the trial with YouTube tv and it did not live up to the hype. Canceled it within 3 days and joined Hulu+ Premium Live, upgraded to everything they offered plus the no-ad version. Was not easy to set up at first and actually had to call them for some help (I had a Hulu subscription years ago and it was confusing the system).  I love it!  The user interface was difficult to navigate at first, but so was PS Vue when I cut the cable cord. The winner!  USER profiles are priceless, along with the premium no ads service, this is as good as PS Vue, perhaps better. 
  • Why would Ps recommend a tv service they don't have a app for?

    youtube tv really sucks 

    I cancelled my subscription within a hour of signing up


  • Why? Maybe a good question but as Bamtech is owned by Disney that may be part of the answer. 


    As I put the middle of January as the 'drop date' on choosing which way to go, I have a package of sling together with philo to get what I want.  Now as for locals i have comcast stream which has ALL locals including subchannels, which no other provider carry's except for cable/comcast, and works 99.9% with roku including dvr (locast comes close but lacks some locals and no dvr) and price wise equals yttv with some 50 channels more, including lots I never had with psvue and are not on yttv (have to go back to directv at $300/month to get those channels).  Yes, a lot more flipping around, and roku need's to work on their programming and get 'my feed' working right, but unless some major screwups occur, that's it, ~$60/monthwith fair/usable dvr all around that totally avoids Bamtech nonsense.  

  • No problems with Youtubetv.

    What problems are people having?

  • You don't identify your equipment or isp; therefore any comment is not useful.
  • QSX-321

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    I know that. I'll be moving Back again to Two Services aging now for coverage and miss some not covered on YouTube TV or Sling TV and I hate HuLuTV. No HBO on YouTube TV.. ☹🐽😫
  • HBO can be bought as a stand alone (has been for several years); in fact, I think only the directv/att streaming offering a while back that offered it at a lower price than the $15/month, as although one might get a deal on a hbo/cinemax combo deal somewhere out there.  Yes, kinda nice to have the linear channel right there in your integrated guide, but as all the content is on-demand through the tveapp, it's really kinda immaterial.  
  • There's no way I'd go to YouTube TV.  Most likely Sling TV will be my choice.  And it will save some $$ over what I've been paying for PlaystationVue.
  • I have been on YTTV for over 2 months and love it.  I have 5 Sharp Roku TVs and 3 Firesticks I used for backup on PSVue(which I don't need as YTTV has fast forward on everything now).

    I probably have only buffered only 2 or 3 times for only seconds  and I watch tons of college football for 3 hours at a crack. YTTV keeps making improvement changes reguarly.

    I would never have left PSVue but since there was no choice I am well satisfied with my selecting YTTV.  I never had a lot of the problems with PSVue that a plethoria of people were having.  

    Sometimes I think a lot of it was with their connection and receiving equipment.  Sharps aren't the best TVs but I have stuck with them over the years, even though they got out of the US market for awhile and have just now reentered the US market.

  • Like I said in the original post, different hardware may result in a different 'experience'.  You have roku tv's, i have roku4's and ultra.  In over 4+ years of subscribing to netflix/hulu/prime streaming, I may have had 1-2 buffering 'events' with those services.  Psvue has a direct fiber connection to my isp (comcast xfinity) regional hq through CenturyLink, and AWS has as well from their regional hub some 75 miles away.  Psvue comes and goes, this month has been doing better than average as folks flee, so perhaps as the traffic load has dropped things got better; it appears Bamtech is still working on fixing bugs in the system as the android app video bug that has been there for 2+ months got fixed with an update a couple days ago.  


    And maybe yttv has had things fixed as well, I may give it a try again but I had a sling setup ready to go.  Time is getting short.

  • I switched to Fubo...both Fubo's and Hulu's interface is basic, but Hulu doesn't have AMC and doesn't do Favorite Channels very well (they're not integrated into your guide but instead stacked in My Stuff or some other crazy section).  Fubo is a good deal imho, though they don't have ABC (if you care).  They do have VICE and Comedy Central, among a few other channels we've not had with Vue.  I got HBO through Amazon, and though it obviously isn't integrated with my Fubo, it does feature LIVE channels and is easy to access via the Firestick.  Neither Fubo nor Hulu had any kind of in-band browsing option, so when you want to look for what else is on TV, you must exit the program you are watching to see the guide, which is about the only thing I will miss about Vue.  If Sling had locals and dropped their whole AirTV gambit, they would slay the market; their interface is so much better than everyone else's.